Singapomade by Ziggy Supply Review - Underrated


 It's been a long minute since I have done a review, mostly because I have been struggling with personal issues, but I decided to come back to the review game as this product that I am going to be reviewing is a great product and is criminally underrated. Today, we will be taking a look at the Singapomade by Ziggy Supply, a water based clay pomade. I believe that this is the first home brewed product that was released by Ziggy Supply as their previous products were lab made, so I had really high hopes for this clay as I enjoyed their Matt Clay (you can check out the review for that product by clicking here). 

Singapomade by Ziggy Supply


The Singapomade was originally formulated as an unorthodox water based pomade, but Matin (the brewer) changed the formula to a clay pomade as that is what most locals gravitate towards. I have never tried their original Singapomade, so I cannot speak too much about it. 


The Singapomade by Ziggy Supply comes in a 4oz (114ml) plastic jar with the labels on the lid and on the sides. Their social media information and ingredients are on the side labels. Simplistic packaging, much like the rest of their products and I like it.
The Singapomade by Ziggy Supply comes in a 4oz (114ml) plastic jar.
Ingredients: Water, Beeswax. Carnauba Wax, Bentonite Clay, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, Emulsifying Wax NF, Dimethicone, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Optiphen Plus


Described as a sweet citrus scent, I feel like the description is on point. I get this citrus smell with some sweet underlying tone to it. A really nice and strong scent that will last a good portion of the day.


Much like their Matt Clay, the consistency of this product is like a thick cream and breaks down very easily into the hands. It's not as dry as the Matt Clay, so that's a definite improvement.


Very smooth and easy application with this product, which seems to be a recurring characteristic with Ziggy Supply's products. You will feel a very slight bit of tug and pull, but it's very minimal given how strong this product is.


Styling was very easy with this product. With two small scoops and no blowdrying, I was able to achieve very good height and it styled really quickly.
With two small scoops and no blowdrying, I was able to achieve very good height.


I feel as though this product provides texture on both the fine side and the coarse side, so you could come in with a comb for a cleaner look or use your fingers for more texture. Versatility in a product is something that I can appreciate and this product is definitely versatile in terms of styling.


Amazing. I went to play bowling and was sweating profusely. Given how long my hair was, I had to tie it up so that my hair wouldn't flop around. No product would have survived that. Nevertheless, despite my hair being tied up, most of the product was still there for me to restyle my hair with, and I was able to achieve at least 80 percent of the volume that I had from the time I styled my hair.


Most of the product comes out with just water, but to fully remove it, one round of shampoo should do the trick.


Like the Matt Clay, the Singapomade costs SGD20 with free shipping across Singapore. Shipping to Malaysia would cost about SGD5-6 and about SGD8 to USA, so it's definitely affordable and is much cheaper compared to other products that are imported from other countries in SIngapore, so for Singaporeans, this is a HUGE plus.


This product is amazing, without a doubt. Styles quickly, has amazing hold, washes out easily and is affordable. I would say it's somewhat comparable to the Volumising Matte Clay by Leo Pomade Co. but with the Singapomade being much more affordable, I would lean towards the Singapomade.


4.4 out of 5. I'm telling you. Singapomade by Ziggy Supply is da TING. Especially when you live in Singapore as it outperforms a lot of salon brands such as By Vilain etc. and is much cheaper. You would be crazy if you passed up on the chance to try this product. If I were to be a perfectionist and nitpick, I would say that I wish it fully came out with water, but that's just me being too demanding. Before I end this review, bless up Matin from Ziggy Supply for giving me the chance to review such an amazing product.


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